River Well Jane (4th June 1978) (aged 29) was a girl who was married to Smiler 7D which also apperaed on Doctor Who Series 5. She is also a giant finder who apperad in A Series Of Probelms River Jane is apart of Mantyz she is a evil cow who thinks she is cool. But when she puts on her glasses to find giant people shes ugley, Her 8900th giant is Stephanie Clash

Riverjane ser

Born: 4th June 1978

Died: 16th July 2010 (Aged 30)

Job: Giant Finder

Coamnpy: The 1st Army Place

First Apperance:

A Series Of Probelms

Last Apperance:

New Year,A End?


A Series Of Probelms (First Apperance)

River Jane's Wedding DayEdit

River Jane was married on 21st May 1989 at The Eurotown Hotel, She was married to a robot named: Smiler 7D. She got a gun and killed loads of people at her wedding. She turned evil by Smiler 7D, he was a baddie. The clock struck 3pm and they did not get married yet. (FAS: A Series Of Probelms)

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